Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Our holiday in Gran Canaria was lovely. I will not go on to much about our lovely hotel as I have already written a review about it which if you are interested can be found here:

But here are a few photos of the grounds:

with resident ratter “Bruiser”

and his apprentice, “Gizmo”.

The beach and dunes are a pleasant twenty minute walk – warm though in the 70F temperatures -  but a taxi either there or back is cheap at 2.8 euros. You would likely feel a bit out of place on one stretch of the beach if you wore a swimming costume and did not speak German – that’s right folks – it’s the nudey bit. There’s nothing quite like an old and wobbly naked hausfrau to turn a man of his knackwurst!

We took a short bus ride along the coast to Puerto Mogan on one day. A really beautiful little port with neat houses and flowers everywhere. The resort is approached by a precipitous mountain road and wife was visibly moved as she held her breathe and gripped my arm as we negotiated one particular hair pin bend with a four hundred foot drop. I had wondered why the bus driver had signed himself with the cross at the start of the journey – now I knew!

We wanted a relaxing holiday so we were not to ambitious about doing a lot of travelling but what we did see was smashing – much nicer than Lanzarote.