Saturday, 12 October 2013

Back in business!

A new , bigger culvert has been constructed under the road outside the front of the house so hopefully we will not be flooded again. They are tarmacing on Monday, this will take a week and the road should be re-opened after that. It's been over three months now since they started work and although it was a bit of a novelty at first it wore of a month or so ago.

The caravan has been sold, it being a bottomless pit down which we threw money. Also, I am beginning to find lengthy driving spells a mite uncomfortable with my dodgy back. We will both miss our frequent - and sometimes lengthy stays - in beautiful Dorset but things move on and we now find we have the option of exploring other destinations albeit in short hops.

The last place we visited a few weeks back was Lincoln and we both enjoyed the splendid cathedral. A cobbled street nearby leading to the city centre was named "Steep Hill". We both had a case of "laughing knees" walking down the hill and no, we did not walk back up, we got the bus!


I have added another nice steam model to my collection. I never had a part in making this, I just bought it because I liked it. It is a seven cylinder radial engine and is fully working. It stands around 24cm high and is very handsome.


It works very briefly here:
Have replaced the small machining centre with new, larger machinery in the tool room and this will allow me the flexibility of machining larger models. A larger lathe, a milling machine and a floor standing metal cutting band saw will allow me to do battle with bigger chunks of metal.

 The radial engine and the new machines are here: