Sunday, 19 September 2010


We have ourselves another caravan; this one is on high ground and with lovely views of the surrounding hills. We are also able to see some of Weymouth Bay. It’s fab and we like it very much.

I love lamb. This woolly one watched me for a minute or so, then winking, he bleated out the side of his mouth “Hey fella, you want some good grass?” I felt a little sheepish when I admitted that I didn’t touch the stuff but he looked more sheepished than I did!

Bridport, just along the coast is a town of great character and the coastal road from Weymouth runs through some of the most staggeringly beautiful scenery. We have enjoyed a trip there again and we chose the day the town was celebrating the hat. That’s it, any hat you like - as long as you wore one you were seen to be taking part. I embarrassed my lady by wearing two baseball caps – at the same time. I call it my “two hat” (say it fast) look.

See you soon (I'll try to be a little more regular but no binding promises -  I just love eggs - don't you?)