Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kirk Deighton

 Coming to the end of a long journey today we stopped of to stretch our legs by the beautiful little All Saints Church at Kirk Deighton.

 We were a little disappointed that the church was locked but it’s to be expected these days what with all the ne’e-r do wells lurking around. Fortunately, two very nice ladies turned up to do a little cleaning in the church and let us in.

 We had a lovely chat during which we were told that a church had stood on this site for a thousand years. This is the sort of thing which surely reflects our national identity, an identity - sadly - that is changing faster than is good for us.

  Years on, if I ever need reminding of this church I will recall the engraved stone slab on the floor, the wording partly obscured by pews reading:

 "........52 years         Passenger, tread light! she sleeps"

 So poignant, made even more so by not having a name to remember her by.

 Thank you to Jane and Vickie, we both very much enjoyed our chat with you both.