Sunday, 9 October 2011


I have not blogged a blog for a while yet and felt that I should take up a pen and write. Having recently become an old aged pensioner I feel that I should have the spare time to make these entries more regularly – maybe I will.

Neither of us had ever visited Bath in the UK so in mid August – of we went. We stayed at a lovely hotel (Paradise House) and soaked up the atmos. A visit to the roman baths was the highlight of our stay but all in all, Bath was beautiful.

We left Bath after a few days and meandered south to the caravan at Bowleaze Cove where we spent the next month or so taking our ease.

We are back at home for the moment. L is sorting out on the domestic side and I am getting my model engineering shed organized – just not enough minutes in the day to do what I want!

A week or so more and we will head south again to enjoy Dorset and shut down the caravan for winter.

I’ll post some of the pics taken during the year over the coming weeks.