Wednesday, 27 February 2013

You must remember this....................

Listening to the radio yesterday I heard a mention of something called "The Scarlet Road Study" which is an online website that deals with older folks memory problems.

 Wife has made a number of remarks recently that my memory is worsening and as I am of that age I looked up the website and undertook a questionnaire to determine if I was a suitable candidate for the study.

 When I had answered all the questions the robot inquisitor informed me I was not a suitable candidate for the study.

 After, I told wife what I had done and she asked me what the questions were. I had to admit that I couldn't remember.

 Laugh? ------ we cried!!!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kitchen trashed

New kitchen gets fitted starting tomorrow so here in the conservatory we have new dish washer, ovens, hob everything - including the kitchen sink - piled high. The dining room is piled high with the stuff from the old kitchen and a man with a big hammer will demolish the old kitchen in the morn.

So as I sit typing this surrounded by boxes of new kitchen fittings, camping tables behind me laden with kettle, mugs, condiments, tea, sugar etc. and a pasting table supporting microwave, toaster etc. - what with this and the dining room it's looking like a very big car boot sale. So I should feel at home then?.............NOOOOOOO!
"Its like posh camping", I tell Lyn and I think it makes her feel a bit better (I hope)!

But phooey! - after the flood back in June this is peanuts - and it will all be done and dusted within five days.

Lovely sunshine today though.