Thursday, 18 February 2016

Latest work from the toolroom.

I have not posted here in quite a while so here goes. I've had my eye on making a bit of equipment to help sharpen some of my engineering cutting tools for some time. It was designed by a chap called Harold Hall and I have made it to his design but with a few extras.

This piece of equipment is used as a universal tilting tool rest in conjunction with an ordinary bench grinder. The table is four inches square to give you a sense of size. It can be rotated and angled in any direction to suit the tool being sharpened. I still need to make a range of accessories to go with it before it can be properly useful and that will be the next part of this ongoing project but for now I am pleased that the most important part is complete.
Everything was made from bits from my scrap box but I made the ball handles using ball bearings I bought on ebay which I silver brazed onto short lengths cut from a guide rod from a scrapped printer . Stainless steel cupboard handles also came in handy.