Sunday, 1 November 2009


The two S’s left us this morning; they had a nice evening at the party last night. We were pleased to have their company and see them enjoying themselves.

Last year we found a pub in the small village of Plush here in Dorset. Today, we returned and enjoyed Sunday lunch. My ladies pork was a bit fatty but the venison I ordered was rare and succulent – served with roasted vegetables and accompanied by a glass of bitter beer from a tapped cask it was a delicious meal.

Wife remarked on folk in the pub – “snobby” was the descriptive word she used for them and yes, I agree to some extent. This is one of the last areas in the UK that nurtures the old British way of life with its class divisions and country pursuits. As a child of the fifties though, I find it comforting that these social values are still alive and well – just! All the same, I still can’t help thinking that we had lunch today in a pub that in this day and age is an oddity - a social museum even?  It was very nice though and I look forward to going back there.

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