Friday, 31 December 2010


Well it’s nearly the end of 2010 (it’s almost 5o’clock tea/vodka time as I check my timepiece) and I cannot let the moment pass without a few mentions. We had a lovely get together yesterday hosted by our friends Christine and Doug. Lol and Wendy were round the table as well and the scoff was smashing, Christine force fed me smoked salmon- heaven! (the wine was quite nice as well).

This afternoon we were told that there had been a punch-up in one of the local pubs on Boxing Day (giggle) and that the landlady had emerged with a black eye. I thought it was a shame she didn’t get two black eyes because the fuzz could have taken her away in a panda car.

We are both looking forward to another year of our visit on planet Earth. Global warming has succeeded in driving away the snow and sub zero temperatures of recent weeks and with all the suggestions of a looming third world war we are planning to spend much of next year away from it all at the caravan

Happy New Year peeps, big kiss to Lyn and Nil Carborundum


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