Saturday, 14 February 2015

Alba 1A shaper restoration project

Following the relocation of my workshop to a larger building I found the additional space allowed for the install of a machine which will greatly enhance my machining capabilities.

 I had been keeping an eye open for a second hand metal working shaper for a while when I found this sad little article at - of all places - a car boot sale. The Alba 1A - "Made in England" in 1959 was delivered two weeks later and at approaching half a ton was quite a struggle for the delivery chaps to get into the building.


Over the next two months I choked over white spirit fumes, plastered myself with car body filler and generally splattered paint everywhere. Here she is with her "makeup" applied and finally transformed from mucky little trollop to English rose. I quite fancy her now!


I had already got a tool holder I wanted to use on her but it was to thick to fit so this was going to be an ideal first job for her and a challenge as well as the holder was diamond hard. I machined the required amount from one side then turned it over to do the other.  She may be a lady but  she packs an impressive punch seen here:-

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