Tuesday, 22 September 2009


This will be our longest stay in our Dorset based caravan yet, we will have been here more than a month by the time we return home. Revisited lots of our favourite places and some new ones as well.

Morton Church with its beautifully engraved windows is one of our favourite visits and with a wedding about to take place we listened at the church door to a young woman accompanied by the organ singing like an angel – just lovely. On to the cemetery and placed a posy on T.E.’s grave but Elsa the cat was nowhere to be seen.

A celebration of the Bronze Age at Maiden Castle at the weekend. Bill Crumblehome giving clay pot making demos and tutorials and his wife cooking venison stew in one of his pots over charcoal. The event served to give a clearer view of how people lived back then and put flesh on the magnificent bones of Maiden Castle – I am sure that Bill, his wife and all who gave up their time to take part deserve a big thank you from all those who visited the event.
Driving up Eggardon Hill and discovering a kite festival in full blow was a treat. The route we took to get there through some of the narrowest lanes I have ever driven down – grass growing down the middle indicated that they had little traffic and a good job to, I am glad we never met anything coming the other way!
Car boot on Sunday and copped a lovely antique desk top inkwell. Weighing in at 1.3 kilos the lead crystal glass is beautifully cut and decorated but a shame that the glass part of the lid is missing. Never mind though, as my wife pointed out it will look good sitting on my desk as a pen pot. Have to say though that while at the boot I thought I was in Poland – how the hell did they all get here? Finished the day at our local restaurant with salmon and prawns and herb sauce for dinner made even more yum with a bottle of cold chardonnay. Hope they do this sort of thing in heaven (if they ever let me in.)

Yesterday to Castle Cove beach in warm late summer sunshine. My metal detector rewarded me with a fine collection of bottle tops – what do they say? – don’t give up the day job! Later on chatted to a bloke who introduced himself as Mick the ex landlord of the Chapelhay Tavern in Weymouth. Very interesting to listen to his reminisces – hello again Mick if you’re out there.

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