Friday, 25 September 2009


We had a Portland day today. First to Church Hope Cove but pathway was closed, fortunately the local authority had provided a diversion and we got down to the church OK but not the castle. Great view over the beach from viewpoint and although it was a struggle back up to the road for our old bones it was worth it. Next stop was the worked out Tout Quarry. Walking round the pathways in the warm sunshine is always a pleasure and it’s always a pleasant surprise on finding yet another beautiful stone carving that we have not seen before. The fireplace is one of my favourites. You expect to see creatures and abstracts but a fireplace? – it’s contextual nature verges on the surreal. The exquisite little butterfly however is one we have not spotted before – a delight!

Lamb Rogan Josh from Morrisons for din – lamb they say? – tasted like very old camel to me, I shall steer clear of that one in the future. Their cherry pie on the other hand was tasty.

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