Friday, 9 October 2009


It’s been a bit quiet around here just lately and there is not too much to report but I will risk sticking my head above the parapet to make contact with the outside world. Great excitement in the village yesterday afternoon with three fire engines attending an incident just down the road, stinky smoke clouds were soon quenched and a nice house ended up with a tarpaulin draped over it’s roof – poor people – I hope the insurance company will help them out.

We have both witnessed the pub as a British institution dying a death these past years but driving past Goldington Green and seeing the old manor previously known as “Lincolns” derelict and boarded up was so sad. I remember having the best T-bone I have ever tasted there sometime in the early seventies – starched damask tablecloths and napkins and wonderful service – lovely memories! Although our guests last weekend were unable to visit due to illness, they seem to have made a recovery and so we are anticipating a visit this weekend from S&R. The hot tub is bubbling and there is room for four – I’ve made more than enough burgers for us all and the CD player is set to maximum volume – lets boogey on down!!!

PS I have a reader in Milwaukee-Jude-Hello J – Hope you are all OK!

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