Sunday, 11 October 2009


From what I remembered of it we all had a lovely time yesterday. S&R joined us for a drop of refreshment and we adjourned to the village pub for sippers. Brian is not looking good – we are worried that there may be something serious. He needs a good woman but at 57 he is running out of time. Back home and I fired up the BBQ and did pork cuts that had been well soaked in English wine, garlic, grated apple and ginger juice. There were also some of my own super thick beef burgers and some coleslaw that I also made. Wifes potato salad and green salad ensured that the scoff was well rounded as we will both be if we continue eating like this. We followed up with a communal plunge in the hot tub. After that I don’t remember what happened which is a sure sign that I had a wonderful evening!!!

Up early and to the boot where pickings were a bit thin but I did pick up a nice illustrated book about vintage aeroplanes – included is a scan from one of the pages showing the cockpit of a Blackburn monoplane. It is the oldest British aircraft still flying in the world. I thought that in itself, this picture is illustrative of how far aviation has progressed since the aircraft was built in 1912.

We out to Argos this afternoon to buy a new inflatable air mattress for the caravan bed (it helps with my dodgy back). On the way home we called into the travel agents (as you do) and were quite taken with a couple of offers they were currently running. We emerged some time later having booked a holiday in the Canaries and a cruise for next year. While the girl was doing the booking bit I mentioned to wife that it would be an idea if we took the inflatable mattress with us on these jaunts in case of hard beds but she replied that it would just mean more weight. However, taking a short break from the booking procedure I studied a chart on display which showed a cutaway view of the cruise ship. Bearing in mind that this vessel can probably accommodate twelve hundred or more passengers I could only see ten lifeboats. We have decided to take the mattress

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